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The pop it fidget

The pop it fidget

We live in a very stressful time, and it is often necessary to relax for a while. There are several ways to unwind. You can take long walks, exercise, but you can also use a small silicone cushion, which is provided with studs, which you can pop. Thepop it fidgetis a simple game that relaxes and that you can take anywhere.

This simple way to relax also works very well for children with autism. You can also use this game to have a match with a second person where you have to try to force your fellow player to do the last pop.

If you manage to do this three times in a row, you are the winner. You understand that this game can get pretty exciting, but will only get laughing players, because of the weird pop sounds, and the strategies you have to come up with to literally push your fellow player into a corner.

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There is a third way to use the pop it fidget with a fellow player, which is more advanced. But no matter how you use the pop it fidget, you can spend hours playing and popping.

The pop it fidget is a simple relaxation game for young and old. The game is easy to clean so that it can always be used hygienically.

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